Quilt As A Precious Handmade Gift

More and more people are into giving handmade gifts these days because they feel that these are more personal and meaningful especially if they are meant for people that they truly love. One of the most sought-after handmade gifts these days are quilts—especially those one of a kind ones—because of its uniqueness. In fact, quilts have been converted into so many things and in most art stores and galleries, more and more items are being inspired from quilts.

One of the most popular quilt designs out there that are being given, as handmade gifts are the t-shirt quilts. In fact, this has become a trend not only to artists but also to people who would want to give something unique and beautiful. Aside from being a unique concept, t-shirt quilts also became a popular gift when it is turned into a memory t-shirt quilt.

Many people are fond of giving memory t-shirt quilts because these exude a personal touch and sincerity. Since it contains personal items such as pieces of cloth and fabric that have sentimental value, t-shirt quilts have become a very touching gift to be given and received.

Making a t-shirt quilt

If you want your gift to be more personal, it is best if you make it with your own hands. Making a t-shirt quilt is easy as long as you have materials that you need. These include a set of pins, a set of rotary cutters, a box full of sewing needles that come in different sizes, different-colored threads, special quilting needles, extra fabric that will be used for backing, a pair of scissors, different types of fabrics and shirts, cardboard, batting, rulers, a sewing machine, irons, and a quilt frame. Here are step by step directions that you can follow:

- Know the size of the t-shirt quilt you want to make. This can be determined by how many t-shirts you would want to include in the quilt.

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- Collect the t-shirts to be used. Once you have collected the shirts you want to include in the quilt, segregate them according to size, color, and design.

- Wash and dry the t-shirts before stitching them. Washing and drying the t-shirts is very important to avoid proliferation of bacteria once preserved in a frame. Even new t-shirts should be wash so you can determine if they are colorfast or not.

- Place the t-shirts according to size and design. By doing this, you can establish order and create a final design for the t-shirt quilt.

- Draft a square template using the cardboard. This template will be used as a pattern on how the t-shirt should be cut.

- Make an initial layout of the t-shirt quilt. This is done by placing all square cut outs on the floor to determine what is your preferred arrangement.

- Using only the needle and thread of matching colors, sew the squares. You should sew each square parallel to one another to form a row. After this, sew the rows and add the borders.

- Using the polyester batting, fill the t-quilt. This will provide you the initial layout of the t-shirt quilt.

- Finalize it. Using ties, quilt hoop or quilt frame, you can now make the final steps in the t-shirt quilt before giving it away.

If you are making a t-shirt quilt as a handmade gift, bear in mind that you should always plan the design ahead before you begin. This is to ensure that no material or fabric will go to waste.

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